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    “Cridland & Hua Lawyers are excellent. They made what was a very difficult time for me and my family much more bearable and the outcome was excellent too. Highly recommended!” — Andy Ponder.

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    “Their reputation is well and truly justified and it’s no wonder they are Queensland’s leading criminal lawyers.” — Megan Schutt.

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    “Wonderful team to deal with. Everyone from the receptionist right up to the senior partner was professional, friendly and courteous.” — Shane Bond.

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    Our approach at Cridland & Hua involves leveraging our extensive experience to navigate legal matters seamlessly from the outset. We’re there for our clients every step of the way, from the moment they come under police scrutiny to potential appeals. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of our field, we prioritize round-the-clock availability to provide unwavering support whenever it’s needed.
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    At Cridland & Hua, we stand ready to assist you at any time through our 24/7 phone line. Upon contacting us, we promptly discuss your options and offer expert guidance. Our dedicated team specialises in managing legal issues related to criminal law, with offices conveniently located in Brisbane CBD and Inala. Trust us to represent you effectively in courts across Australia, delivering reliable support throughout your legal proceedings.
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    What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do

    Criminal lawyers offer legal representation to individuals facing criminal charges, offering guidance and support throughout the legal process. They handle preparation and responses to case-related documents, as well as represent clients in court proceedings.
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    Michael Cridland


    Daniel Hua - Brisbane Criminal Lawyer

    Daniel Hua


    Derek Finch


    Devyn Wanigesekera


    John Lee – Lawyer


    Maggie Dupuis


    Kassey Brants


    Ruby Dawe – Law Clerk


    Hannah Ligertwood


    Jaya Stratford


    Private: Kayla Beaton


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    How much does a criminal lawyer cost in Australia?

    In Australia, the cost to hire a criminal lawyer ranges from $300 to $800 per hour, depending on the complexity of the case, type of charge and level of experience your legal representation has.

    Should I hire a lawyer for criminal charges?

    You should almost always hire a lawyer for criminal charges, as it’s difficult for someone to navigate the complexities of their own criminal case. In almost all situations criminal defendants are represented by a criminal lawyer, especially when a gaol or prison sentence is possible.

    How do I know if my criminal lawyer is good?

    A criminal lawyer is good if they have the experience and expertise suited to your particular charge, with a strong track record of positive outcomes for past clients in similar situations. Additionally they should embody empathy, communication skills, thoroughness and a strong knowledge of the law.

    Is it best to be honest with your lawyer?

    It is always best to be honest with your lawyer, to enable them to provide the best defence possible for your case. Whilst it’s common to feel guilt, shame or insecurity when charged with a crime, being as transparent as possible will result in the best possible outcome.

    What do criminal lawyers actually do?

    Criminal lawyers provide legal representation to people who have been charged with a crime. This may include providing legal guidance and support to someone charged, preparing and responding to documents regarding the case and appearing in court.

    What cases are handled by a criminal lawyer?

    Cases handled by a criminal lawyer include assaults, drug offences, commonwealth criminal proceedings, confiscation proceedings, domestic violence, sexual assaults, murders and manslaughter charges, traffic, and, weapons offences.

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