Legal Representation at CCC/ACIC Investigative Hearings

Cridland and & Hua Lawyers can provide legal advice and legal representation at investigative hearings.

The state Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) and the commonwealth counterpart the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) have the power to call witnesses to coercive hearings. They can compel a witness to answer questions and/or produce documents.

Hearings may be held as part of their own investigations. Or, if certain legislative requirements are met, they may occur at the request of other law enforcement agencies.

Coercive hearings are different from a police interview. This is because a witness must answer the questions put to them. That is, there is no right to silence. The privilege against self-incrimination does not provide a basis for refusal to answer. Furthermore, it is an offence to lie.

It is important for a person who has been summoned to retain legal representation at an investigative hearing. This ensures the protection of whatever rights remain.

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