Disqualified driver license application

Cridland & Hua Lawyers can advise and represent those seeking a special licence application (for disqualified drivers).

What does this relate to? A person who would otherwise be facing a period of disqualification or suspension of their licence can apply to the court for special licence/s. This applies a drink/drug driving matter or the loss of demerit points. But in certain circumstances only. The purpose of the special licence/s is to allow them to continue driving under certain conditions.

Very strict criteria must be met. So, it is important that all of the necessary material and supporting material is gathered beforehand. Also, any issues which might create difficulties in the issuing of such licences should be addressed as best they can be. This process should occur before the application is heard.

Our legal firm is extensively experienced in dealing with traffic offences and especially traffic law in QLD. We can assist you with advice and representation, given your situation.

If you’re in need of our service in relation to special licence applications (for disqualified drivers) do not hesitate to contact us today.

Or let us know how we can help below, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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