Traffic Offence Law in Queensland

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    The most common examples of traffic offending are drunk/drug driving, careless driving or unlicensed driving.

    Very often convictions for these types of offences can attract disqualification of the offender’s licence. This could have significant consequences for themselves, their employment and their families. Therefore, even if an offender decides to plead guilty to the offence/s it is important to consider all of the possible courses available to them to lessen the impact of the sentence upon them.

    For example, in some instances, a person convicted of drink/drug driving can apply to the courts for a ‘restricted’ licence, which is a licence allowing them to continue driving in certain situations. A similar option exists for people who lose all of their demerit points, referred to as a ‘special hardship’ licence.

    Of course, there is also the matter of traffic offences and fines. If you are looking for a traffic offence lawyer in Qld, we at Cridland & Hua are highly experienced in this aspect of law. Contact us today to inquire in regard to legal counsel and representation. 

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