Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane for all Drug Offences

Doyle’s Guide Queensland Leading Criminal Law Firm Cridland & Hua Lawyers is highly experienced in managing drug offences. Knowing that you have an accessible and dedicated criminal law team at your defence can make a real difference for the outcome of your case.

Drug offences include:

  • the possession of drugs,
  • the supply of drugs,
  • the production of drugs,
  • drug trafficking, and;
  • importation of dangerous drugs, such as amphetamines, heroin, cocaine and cannabis.

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    Be Represented By Experienced Criminal Lawyers

    Sometimes referred to in search terms as ‘Drug Lawyers’, Cridland & Hua are Criminal Lawyers with a focus on this particular area of law. We understand that drug-related types of charges are distinct, and our approach is tailored to effectively defend those who are implicated in critical and often contentious circumstances.

    Proficiency as a Criminal Lawyer with a drug offence speciality can only come with concentrated practice. We apply our many years of intensive experience for the best outcome of your case. In any matters drug-related, you cannot take the risk of being represented by anything less.

    • Drug matters are our main practice area

      Amongst Brisbane law firms, we stand out in our focus on providing representation for drug offences.

    • No case too complex for our capability

      We have represented those implicated in matters ranging from the possession of drugs to cases involving drug rafficking/importation of dangerous illicit drugs, such as amphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

    • Unparalleled experience across high profile cases

      Our law firm has been involved in some most complicated and protracted national and international multi-agency police investigations ever conducted in Australia.

    We are here to Defend Your Rights.

    Named annually in Doyles Guide as a ‘Leading Brisbane Criminal Law Firm’ in Queensland, since 2017.

    Brisbane’s Leading Criminal Law Firm since 2017.

    When your future is at stake, you are best served by a team of legal professionals devoted to defending your rights. The nature of the field in which we specialise is highly unpredictable, but our wealth-of-experience dictates a level of direction and fortitude that we can provide for you.

    Our knowledge and experience, coupled with a genuine passion for defending human rights is the reason why we have been recognised as a leading Brisbane Criminal Law Firm in Queensland for a series of consecutive years. You have this validation for extra peace-of-mind.

    Our Promise To You

    Hua and Cridland Hua and Cridland

    At Cridland & Hua Lawyers, we are committed to staying the course with you through any twists and turns. This is something that we do each and every day for our clients, and have done so for many years. You will never feel alone in your situation.

    • Available to our clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    • Willing and resourced enough to appear in any court at any jurisdictional level, anywhere in Australia.
    • Highest calibre representation that includes working closely with Queensland’s leading barristers.
    • Respect and protection of your privacy at all times.

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