As long as there are no aggravating circumstances, a first time domestic violence offence is generally charged as a misdemeanour. Learn more about the circumstances that might affect this.

How long does it take to settle a domestic violence case?

There’s no hard and fast rule on how long it might take to settle any case, as each case is subject to its own unique set of circumstances.

In all situations, it’s best to reach out to a trusted lawyer to discuss your unique situation.

Do I have to testify in a domestic violence case?

According to the Queensland Courts: Vulnerable witnesses, including children, victims of sexual assault and people with an intellectual disability, may receive special help to reduce the trauma of giving evidence.

If you’re a vulnerable witness, you may be able to:

have a support person with you in court
record your evidence or give it over a video connection from a remote witness room
have a screen put up so you don’t have to see the accused person
have the court closed to the public and media.
If you feel you need special help, speak to the prosecutor who can apply to the court for you. The magistrate or judge will decide if you can have help.

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What happens during a domestic violence hearing?

As explained by Legal Aid Queensland: Your first court appearance is called a ‘mention’. A mention is a short court appearance where the magistrate will check if your application has been served on the respondent and find out if the respondent agrees or disagrees with your application for a domestic violence order. You do not need to bring any witnesses to the first court appearance.

You can read more on what to expect during your first court appearance here

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