Sexual Offences

Have you been charged with a sexual offense or a sexual assault

Sexual offences are rather unique because they often arise in complex settings. This is because, apart from the victim making the allegations of impropriety, there are no other witnesses or evidence.

For this reason, it is often said that such allegations are easy to make but difficult to defend. Therefore, the defence must be pro-active in preparing their defence. Often they may need to start before a person has even been charged. Common examples of sexual offences include sexual assault and rape. They also include indecent treatment of children, unlawful carnal knowledge and the possession/distribution of child exploitation material. 

With significant improvements in the detection and investigation of child exploitation material offences by police, it is critical for a lawyer to have a technical understanding of technology. That means how offending material can be stored, downloaded or transmitted. This helps to properly explore if any defences are available to a defendant. It is also important for your lawyer to have an in-depth understanding of what defines sexual assault, rape charges and related concerns of law. 

If you’re looking for advice or representation in matters related to sexual offences you can contact our experienced criminal and defence lawyers in Brisbane today. If you are searching where to report sexual assault this link will direct you to the relevant QLD police webpage. 

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